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Oneka Benn Schwartz


My name is Oneka I’m a wife and mom of three beautiful children. I make a line of table linens and home décor out of my home studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.   Prior to living in Bucks County, my family and I lived as expats in Bermuda for 8 years; we repatriated to the U.S. and settled in Pennsylvania at the end of 2015. 

 I was born in Georgetown Guyana and immigrated to New Jersey when I was 5 years old.  My family and I brought our suited cases a few photo albums and not much more. As I grew up and acclimated to life in the U.S., I was always drawn to fashion and interior design.  I’d love to watch shows about style and it always struck me when people would mention things that were handed down in their families. “ This was my grandmothers wedding dress” or “My great Aunt gave me this chest”.  Having left our home with a few suitcases my family had no heirlooms.  We had memories and family pride in spades but no tangible legacy pieces.  As I grew up in a working class family it became clear the cost of quality was slightly outside of what we could afford.  That never sat well with me.  It became my goal to create quality products that were affordable to everyday folks.  My grandmother was a seamstress in Guyana and taught me how to sew.  The first thing I ever sewed on my own was a set of sheets and a duvet cover.  I threw myself into making bed linens because I loved them so much and they were so expensive to buy.  At 21 I started my own business making custom linens and window treatments and I’ve been creating ever since.  I took an 8-year break from my business when I moved to Bermuda due to Bermuda immigration rules. I was blessed enough to work my last two years in Bermuda but could not own my own business because I was not Bermudian. Once I returned to the states I couldn’t wait to jump back into being a creative entrepreneur.  It is slightly more difficult now because I have three kids.  Gilding and polishing minerals takes place before the kids get up in the morning and cutting and sewing in the basement happens in the evening once they go to bed.  I fill order during the day and wrap things up by dinnertime.  Both my family and my work are labors of love and I wouldn’t trade either of them for the world.  Thanks to my online business, I’m able to work and express my creativity while being at home with my family. 

 My product line has evolved since its inception, from sewing linens to creating a tabletop collection out of quartz, I feel great about where I am today.  Creating beautiful heirlooms quality home furnishings out of ethically Sourced minerals and exceptional textiles is a dream come true. I’m really inspired by the things around me and I try to bring beauty and glamour into the products I create. I find such inspiration in the feedback I get from customers, “I am so incredibly thrilled with these bookends. They are honestly even more stunning in person (so gorgeous in fact, that my husband comments on how beautiful they are every day).”  “I am so impressed with the quality and beauty of these bookends. They are gorgeous and compliment my meditation/treatment room perfectly. Thanks!”  

  I really love creating pieces for my customers to give as gifts and to place in their own homes.  As long as there is a need for the products I create I will gladly continue to make them.