A Chevron Moment

I love, love, love Chevron in home decor but this chic graphic print can run the gamut from furnishings to fashion. Who knew Charlie Brown was such a trend setter. What do you think of Chevron for the home? Would you wear it in an outfit or accessory?

Brighten up the Winter Blues

It’s cold and it’s grey but no one makes winter look as chic as SJP…

Manolo Blahnik and SJP go hand in hand.

What better place to relax after pounding the pavement in your Manolo’s than a chic pad. Loving the antlers on the wall!

O.K. so antlers and Union Jack furniture are not your bag. These midnight blue accents are sure to please…enjoy

My Living Room Redo

So here we are it’s 2012 and I’m ready to decorate. Five years ago my husband and I purchased a powder blue sofa from Macy’s in NYC. A month after the purchase, I got pregnant and now five years, two kids and multiple homes later, powder blue is now dove grey…gross. Anyway, we have decided to order a new sofa and in doing so it’s naturally snow balled into an entire living room. Isn’t that how these things happen? Or is that just me? I am a bit obsessive when it comes to furniture and the like. I need a new couch, but the new couch makes the old rug look ratty, so I have to replace it. Now the drapes don’t match …oh hell, lets just redo the whole thing. So here we are, new year , new living room. I’m trying to keep this as affordable as possible because my children are not house broken and since we don’t have a formal living room I anticipate redoing my living room again in another five years. Being the avid Internet shopper that I am, every purchase will be made online.

• Sofa – overstock.com
• Alexa Rug – overstock.com
• Sunflower Mirror – www.designpretty.com
• Mirrored 3-Piece Cabinet – homedecorators.com
• Marie Arm Chair and Ottoman – homedecorators.com
• Kaden Spot Floor Lamp – homedecorators.com
• Drapes and Decorative Pillows Custom Made – www.designpretty.com


I resolve to organize my life, home and business and chronicle it for you day by day. Of coarse that means I will probably be a disorganized mess but here’s to trying… Stay tuned. xoxo

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